faq How do I receive payment for my earnings?
Our payment terms are by two weeks. Your earnings will be paid via internet transfer (SAHAB) to your bank account with your bank card number. The minimum payable account is 40 thousand Tomans.

faq How should we trust to adPlay?
As long as we are not selling goods online, we do not need an eNamad. But we have provided a two week payment program alongside with our online dashboard, to build a trust.

faq Does adPlay have enough videos to view in applications?
Although adPlay never promises the availablity of videos at any time, but we are doing our best to provide videos from good reputation brands, and you should never be worried about that.

faq Can I use one application ID for many applications?
developerID is always the same for each publisher, and although you can use one applicationID for many apps, but it is not recommended. Because you will not have seperated reports for each app in your dashboard and you will never know the difference. So, it's better to create seperate projects for each application.